Which course is for me?
If you are a total beginner I recommend the fitness class 7-8pm. If you have hula hooped a bit, and perhaps been to some of my classes before, you might want to move up to advanced. You can drop me an email at laurahulahoopparty@gmail.com and ask me where you think you will fit.

What can I expect from the classes?
Just like a regular fitness class there will be a warm up and a cool down. During the class we will use a large hula hoop for around our waist and two smaller ones to tone our arms. I always make a banging playlist of fun, feel good music.

Is there an age limit?
No way! Hula hooping is suited to all ages 🙂

I can’t dance. Can I come?
Of course. Hula hooping helps you get more in touch with your body. Hopefully you will feel more confident at the end of a class.

What’s special about your classes?
I was trained by circus superstar Marawa the Amazing and aim to bring sparkle into your life. The classes are fun because we improve our own skills, and work together learning routines.





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