Tues Beginners

Beginners Fitness Hula Hooping Classes

Tuesdays 7-8pm The Midi Music Company, Deptford, SE8 4AU



Forget pounding the pavement or hitting the gym it’s all about getting hula hoopin’ fit!

Hula hooping is the most fun you will have in a fitness class. I play party jams and we shake our hulas like no one’s watching 🙂

Hula is a cardio workout (burning calories and fat) and is great for toning your abs, glutes and arms. In studies hula hooping aids with weight loss and research says it burns around 200 calories in 30 minutes.

Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 15.51.57

What’s involved in the classes?
-Learn ‘core’ hooping so you really tone your abs while you hoop
-Learn how to hoop round your arms and wrists – great for toning the arms, shoulders and back
-Have a go at other hula hooping tricks (a workout for the mind too!)

HOOPS PROVIDED (and are for sale at class)

About the teacher
Laura is a Guinness World Record holding hula hooper. She has whirled and twirled all over the world- from being official entertainment at the Olympics to performing in India. Laura is a proud member of Marawa’s Majorettes and was trained by Marawa the Amazing. She has been teaching for 2 years and loves to inspire new hula hoopers!




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